Hey lady!

Hey lady!

tell me more!

tell me more!

I'm Kristen, a life + wellness coach helping women who've spent their lives giving to others give back to themselves.

I'm Kristen, a life + wellness coach helping women who've spent their lives giving to others give back to themselves.

I offer one-on-one coaching to help you figure out who you are outside of being someone for others. I teach you to say no, set boundaries, manage your mind, and live your most fulfilling life.

Certified Life and Wellness Coach

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• Confident in yourself.
• Clarity around your purpose.
• Driven to chase your passions.
• Content with saying no.
• Proud of the boundaries you've set.
• Capable of managing your mind.
• Peaceful and excited in your marriage.
• Grateful for your life and what you've been given.
• Like your best years are ahead of you and not behind you.
• Happy with where you are in life and thrilled for what’s next.

• Tired of always saying yes.
• Guilty for saying no.
• Overwhelmed by life.
• Unsure of your purpose at this point.
• A loss of drive to help yourself.
• Overextended.
• Like you can never get it all done.
• Unappreciated.
• Exhausted.
• Unable to stop comparing your life to the lives of others.

You want to feel...

You currently feel...

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03. You will learn WHAT to say no to and HOW to say it confidently.

04. You get someone to guide you to the goals you want to achieve and keep you motivated along the way.

05. Most of all, you get results! You get to the place you've been dreaming of being at for so long.

02. You get accountability to help you get to where you want to be.

01. You get someone to help you decipher your thoughts and change them to make you feel differently.

How coaching can help you:

Working with Kristen was one of the best decisions I could've made when launching my business. Before we began, I felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. She helped me clearly define my goals, improved my way of thinking when setting goals, and has been all around great to work with. Kristen is incredibly kind and patient, and she was very understanding when I shared my struggles of starting a new business.

Kate H.

Before I began my coaching journey, I had a lack of focus on my goals, was overwhelmed with big projects, and had not assigned importance to the things I wanted for me. Kristen's ability to see and suggest solutions and next steps to my goals is different than my own and her perspective is enlightening and encouraging.

tabitha c.

Before starting my coaching series, I was struggling to find time to prioritize one of my biggest goals and it was taking its toll on me - leaving me feeling defeated, frustrated, and unsure of where to even begin. While I see myself as a pretty disciplined and goal-oriented individual, I still needed the guidance and accountability and Kristen provided just that.

amanda k.

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